XXT- washing machine washing machine Semi-automatic mini washing machine

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Brand:XXT- washing machine
★Product Name: Mini Washing Machine
★Size: length*width * height 40cm * 38cm *64cm
★Open the door: top open
★Voltage specification: 220V/50Hz
★ Washing power: 300W
★Product color: white
★ Inner barrel material: stainless steel
★ washing capacity: 7kg
★Note: No items other than products
★Note: When washing, take off the dehydration basket

Tips: 1. Take out the coins in the pocket before washing, and prevent debris from being damaged by metal and other hard objects. 2. The temperature of the washing water should not be too high and should not exceed 60 degrees. 3. The laundry is finished, the sewage is drained, and the laundry is cleaned with water. Bucket, dry the water droplets inside and outside the washing machine with a dry cloth. 4. Check the power leads frequently, and find that the damage is aging and timely processed.
★High quality motor, fully enclosed design, powerful power, smooth and quiet operation
★ Plug-in inlet pipe, easy to operate, simple and convenient
★ Cable management frame to prevent wire entanglement; drain pipe can hang after washing
★ Rotate button, easy to operate, suitable for the elderly and children

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