Xterminate Electric Fly Killer Zapper UV Electronic Insect Bug Pest 30W, Remote Control Free Hanging Chain & Cleaning Brush Included (30 Watt),

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Designed to sfely remove flies and insects from your hme or workplace, this uses an elctrcally charged grid to eletrocute the flies, removing them as quickly as posible! With most fly killers relying on toxic or harmful chemicals to kill the flies, this is a much safer option – especially if it is going to be used in businesses or around children and pets!
The flower patrns that incts are naturally drawn to are revealed in UV light. That’s why this Xterminate fly zapper is fitted with a UV-A bulb, that entices the insects to fly towards it! Once inside, the flies will be ‘zapped’ by an electrically charged grid, killing the flies instantly.
Crafted from durable and firroof ABS plastic, this Xterminate fly zapper is built to last! The inner grid that electrocutes the insects is crafted from a robust metal, which combined with the hard plastic, adds to the duraility!
In order to allow the device to be easily cleaned, there is a built-in, removable tray. This collects the dead flies once they have been electrocuted, allowing you to dispose of them as often as you wish!

Whether you’re wanting this fly zapper to be free standing, wall or ceiling mounted – this is the fly zapper for you. Perfct for both home and busiess use, you can ensure this will attract, kill and reove those pesky flies as quickly as possible!

This fly zapper can be controlled by an off and off switch, or by remote control. The remote control ensures you can still turn the fly zapper on and off, even if it becomes out of your reach!

This electric comes with a free remote control, haging chain and clening brush for ease of use. Three pin UK plug included.
Use your Xtermate electric wall mounted, ceiling hanging or free standing. Perfect for use in businesses such as cafes, restaurants, offices and around the home in kitchens, bedrooms and more!
The fireproof ABS plastic in black is both extemely duable and elegant to look at allowing this powerful electronic fly killer to be placed in living rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and pubs without spoiling the decor.
For houseolds and buinesses, flies can be a nuisance to try and get rid of. They often come in groups, searching for any source of food – a real nightmare for commercial or household kitchens! With the arrival of flies, brings the risk of germs and bacteria being spread. For family rooms or kitchens, this can be disastrous as they can easily contaminate food or furniture. This Xterminate fly zapper is the perfect solution! Length 52.4cm x Height 26.5cm x Depth 10cm

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