XIAOFEI Washing Machine 8kg Foreign Trade Marine Double Barrel Double Cylinder Large Capacity Semi-Automatic Pulsator Washing Machine

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This mini washing machine is blue bacteriostat. It with washing and drying function.

stainless steel washing bucket. twin power driven machine.

Product type: Semi-automatic double-tub washing machine
Voltage frequency: 110V-220V/60HZ
Product power: 340W
Dehydration power: 135W
Box material: plastic
Inner tube material: all plastic
Control method: mechanical
Laundry program: single wash, single throw
Product weight: net 19kg gross 23kg
Product size: net 761*448*885mm
Packaging 778*475*918mm

Operating instructions
According to the weight of the clothes, and select the appropriate amount of washing water and washing time, easy washing saves water and saves energy

Washing timing: 5 crotch washing time can be chosen at will, according to the actual situation, freely set the washing time
Function conversion: function conversion knob, three washing modes, laundry becomes whatever you want
Around the protective pulsator: During the washing process, a strong water flow is generated, which causes the clothes to roll up and down to allow the water flow to effectively contact the clothes, completely disintegrate the stains, and the clothes are washed more smoothly and cleanly.
Dehydration timing: 5 rotch times can be chosen at random, according to the selected dehydration time of the clothes to dry the moisture of the clothes

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