Toshiba Regza 37XV635DB 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV with Freeview

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The REGZA XV series is a range of Full HD 1080p Ready LCD televisions, blending superb picture and audio quality and delivering it in a stylish high gloss black design. All Regza XV’s feature Resolution+ technology which enhances standard definition content to virtually high definition quality. EcoPanel is also featured and is designed to consume significantly less power than a conventional LCD TV without comprising on picture quality. The Regza XV series delivers an amazing 100 frames per second thanks to Active Vision M100HD Pro picture processing technology which reduces image blurring to leave you with smoother action even in those fast-paced scenes. Integrated Dolby Volume stops those annoying changes in volume levels in advert breaks and when switching between channels and sources, providing a consistent volume level at all times.

Toshiba’s unique and critically-acclaimed Resolution+ upscaling technology takes everyday standard definition content and instantly enhances it to virtually high definition picture quality by improving edge detail and texture.

With Resolution+, your 1080p Toshiba LCD TV will produce near HD picture quality on all standard definition TV, DVD and downloaded content you watch while still delivering the most pure and stunning picture quality possible from all high definition sources. This complex and intricate process of constantly and instantly improving the images which appear on the screen is made possible by the Meta Brain processing engine, unique to REGZA models. This powerful processing chip has its heritage in Toshiba´s esteemed history in the semiconductor research and development.

Watch as your favourite movies, programmes and games become clearer, richer and sharper than ever before with Toshiba, and Resolution+

Eco Panel
Toshiba REGZA LCD TVs which feature EcoPanel are specially designed to consume significantly less power than a conventional LCD TV without comprising on picture quality.

Toshiba’s EcoPanel technology utilises materials of the highest possible quality and clarity to construct an LCD panel so translucent that as much as half as much light is required to illuminate it as compared to conventional panels.

A TV with a conventional LCD panel requires powerful backlights to illuminate the screen. This is where most of the power consumption comes from. By reducing the amount of light required to brighten the screen, REGZA LCD TVs with EcoPanel can deliver the same brilliant HD picture quality, with almost half the power.

With EcoPanel, you can relax knowing that Toshiba’s green LCD TV technology is being kind to the environment and saving you up to 45% of your TV’s energy consumption*, all while providing you with the same cutting-edge features and exceptional picture quality.

*Comparing the 32RV635 with EcoPanel compared to Toshiba’s 32XV505DB model

Active Vision M100 Pro
100Hz Active Vision M100 Pro technology allows you to see fast-paced action and sports like never before. Even with Full HD 1080p picture quality, clarity and detail is lost with fast-moving action. This is because on a conventional 50Hz television, the frames which are shown do not refresh fast enough to keep up with the pace of the action you are watching. Conventional LCD TVs will show every frame you watch at a rate of 50Hz, or 50 frames per second. Active Vision M100 Pro works by creating new frames to appear in between the original transmitted frames, doubling the standard number of frames per second. It uses 360 degree motion estimation, complex mathematics and 10-bit video processing, each made possible by Toshiba’s powerful in-house semiconductor technology, to calculate the movement required by each pixel. Each frame is only held on screen for 1/100th of a second to eliminate pixel drift and reduce blurring. The result is seamless motion, smooth action and a new level of detail. Active Vision 100 Pro has to be seen to be believed.

Dolby Volume
Dolby Volume stops those annoying changes in volume levels in advert breaks and when switching between channels and sources, providing a consistent volume level at all times. This feature eliminates the need for you to keep reaching for the remote control every time an advert break comes on, and then again when the program you are watching resumes.

When changing between channels and TV to DVD etc, the volume can also increase or decrease significantly. Dolby Volume keeps the volume at one level, making sure it doesn’t change when the input changes.

The result is an extraordinarily improved viewing experience, one free of the constant need to adjust the volume.

Toshiba’s unique technology that automatically adjusts picture settings depending on not only the room lighting, which is common feature on quality LCD TVs these days, but also the content shown on screen. The technology eliminates the need to constantly have to adjust the backlight brightness and colour settings in order to find the best viewing experience in all environments.

The ambient light sensor is constantly analysing the room lighting and adjusting the LCD’s backlight to suit. Through the use of this technology the viewer is provided with a more comfortable viewing experience in all lighting conditions. Content viewed on screen is also constantly analysed. Dark and bright pixels shown on screen are monitored and picture settings are adjusted to provide the best possible image.

AutoView means that your REGZA LCD TV is always performing at its full potential, delivering the best possible picture quality at all times.

Game Mode
Models in the XV Series have an exciting new feature for the gamers amongst you – Game Mode. This feature is designed to enhance the gaming experience by ensuring the best possible aspect ratios and response time of the television to the gaming console. Game Mode bypasses much of the picture processing technology required to enhance TV programmes and films, resulting in an improved response time and screen refresh rate.

Game Mode is compatible with any HDMI equipped games console and automatically adjusts the picture to deliver a more realistic game setting and importantly 1:1 pixel mapping. This allows every last detail of the original image to be shown without cropping the edges; giving the online gamer a distinct advantage over opponents without Game Mode and improving the overall gaming experience for even the most casual of gamers.

Full Power Down
We have fitted an On/Off switch in response to the concerns expressed by many consumers who would prefer to turn their television off completely.

All models are extremely energy efficient, but we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and will always do everything we can to minimise the impact our products have on our surroundings.

Digital TV
Between now and the end of 2012 the UK will be turning off all old “analogue” TV transmitters and switching your TV signal to “digital”. Digital TV offers new ways to enjoy your TV. You will have a greater choice of TV channels as well as access to additional features and services which will enhance your TV-watching experience.

When the digital switch happens in your area, your older analogue TVs will no longer be able to pick up a signal. To keep your normal TV service running, you will need to convert your TVs to digital before your area’s switchover date.

Switching your home to digital is easy. All you need to do is purchase digital tuner and connect it to your analogue TV or alternatively, you can replace it with a new digital TV. All Toshiba LCD TVs carry the Digital Tick and come with Freeview built-in, making them the ideal option for preparing your home for the digital switch.

Viewing angle, vertical: 178°.


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