Stud Finder Wall Scanner – 6 in 1 Electronic Magnetic Stud Sensor Joist Drywall Wall Detector Beam Depth Finder Magnet Center Finding with LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Detector

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Would you prefer clear knowing certain structure inside the walls or ceilings first, before you start a home project such as hanging pictures, mounting your new TV or renovating your house? A clear wall scanning can reduce unnecessary losses and damages, and Tavool stud finder should be one of helpful tools you certainly need. Tavool stud finder can make difference when you want a simple and successful DIY home project.

This Tavool stud finder has upgraded with a larger LCD display, more ergonomic design plus a bottom magnet for accurate wall detecting project. It is widely used to detect the exact location of metals or studs behind the drywall. With advanced electronic sensor signals, this scanner could easily locate edges and center of wood studs, metal joists, steel pipes, live AC wires behind walls, floors and ceilings etc.

The five scanning modes (0.5 inch stud scan, 1 inch stud scan, 1.5 inch stud scan, metal scan and AC scan) can well satisfy all your different detecting ideas. With this device, you can quickly find a more ideal position on the wall with less mishaps.

A stud finder would almost cost less money or efforts than repairing the damage from projecting a wrong position before hanging something. TAKE THIS TAVOOL HOME AND START YOUR PROJECT SAFELY!

Note: this stud finder can quickly locate metal, studs, joists, pipes, live AC wire behind all kinds of walls, floors and ceilings but except the cement board wall and brick wall. You can use it on popcorn ceilings, plaster walls, textured surfaces, drywall, etc.

Step 1: Calibrate the device before every scan

After choose the mode, press and hold the scan button (on the side) to calibrate it. Wait until the reducing bars disappear completely and the beep sounds, and then the calibration is completed.

Note: If you want a stud mode, calibrate it on the wall where you want to detect; For AC/Metal mode, please hold it in the air to calibrate it.

Step 2: Scan the wall

Hold down the button, then move the stud finder along the wall slowly. You should re-calibrate it when the scanner gets a shake or lift accidentally

The narrow on the screen together with the beep signal changing, would direct you to find the exact location of the targets.

Tips: If the scanning doesn’t work well, please switch to a proper depth mode, re-calibrate and scanning again for a better location

Step 3: Find the location of the stud

When the signal bar is full and the beep alarm is loudest, it means you find the center of an object. Mark it with your pencil.

Then you can switch to the Metal Scan mode to test whether it is a metal. You could also confirm the metal with the magnet at bottom of this device. If not a metal, it indicates that you find the center of a stud. Then you can drill it to hang something

Tips: For a more accurate metal location range, you can re-calibrate the device at the edge you’ve marked and then scan again.

UPGRATED 6 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTION GIVING YOU MORE DETECTING CHIOCE – Tavool wall scanner includes 5 scanning modes for woods, metals, AC wires and other objects in walls, ceilings etc. Stud modes with 3 depth types would give you a better experience for your different demands, with a detecting range up to 1.5 inches in drywall. Metal mode could detect steel pipes, rebar or copper bits deep up to 2.36 inches, while AC mode for live electrical lines up to 2 inches.
LARGE LCD SCREEN and EASY TO READ Displaying Stud Material with its Accurate Position – This Tavool digital stud scanner features a large LCD display together with clear sound warning when you are detecting. The LCD display presenting direction and intensity of beeping would indicate whether you are closer to the target. This quick and clear scanning with less time and efforts, could certainly make your project EASIER
AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION and SIMPLE TO USE – You can easily calibrate this scanner by moving it over the wall until the BEEP sounds and the screen contents disappear. This calibration before your each detection could ensure you more reliability and accuracy. Then just move it around as you need and the stud finder would work efficiently
ERGONOMIC GRIP and SAFETY – The ergonomic and aerodynamic body design would give you more comfortable experience when you hold this Tavool scanner from any angle. This wall detector can quickly locate studs metals AC wires and avoid you from dangers while hanging pictures, installing TVs or redecorating garage shelves etc

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