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PICAXE AXE057 T4 Trainer Kit (USB – 5 Pack)
PICAXE T4 Trainer Starter Kit (USB) – PICAXE AXE057, This PICAXE starter kit, although designed to meet the T4 technology curriculum in Ireland, is also ideal as a general purpose training aid – serving as a self-contained introduction to the PICAXE system. The kit is based around the T4 control training board (AXE055) which comes pre-assembled and is supplied with analogue and digital inputs as well as a range of output devices. The training board can be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free ‘PICAXE Programming Editor’ and/or ‘Logicator’ software. Key features of the T4 Control Training Board (AXE055): LED on each output (can be enabled/disabled) 7-Segment display output (can be enabled/disabled) Piezo sounder output (can be enabled/disabled) Servo output connector Stepper motor output connector 4x Darlington driver buffered outputs 2x Reversible motor driver outputs LDR light sensor analogue input DS18B20 temperature sensor input Variable resistor analogue input Push switch inputs Input, output and power test points Software may be downloaded fom Picaxe PICAXE AXE057 T4 Trainer Kit (USB – 5 Pack)

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