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PICAXE AXE014X2-40×2 Chip
PICAXE X2 Chips – PICAXE AXE014X2, PICAXE is a microcontroller system that uses low cost FLASH memory based microcontrollers with a unique, pre-programmed PICAXE bootstrap code. This gives a device that may be reprogrammed typically 100,000 times without the need for an expensive and complicated programmer.PICAXE is programmed using a simple BASIC language or by using an intuitive graphical flowchart system, enabling younger students and hobbyists to start generating programs quickly and easily.Programming is carried out via a simple serial or USB cable which means that a simple project kit is easily assembled. In addition to the microcontroller chips, starter, tutorial, and upgrade kits are available to provide a complete PICAXE solution.This PICAXE X2 microcontroller chip comes in a 40-pin package. Every pin is individually configurable for greater I/O flexibility. These latest designs of the PICAXE chip feature increased memory, scratchpad and RAM, plus additional features such as the ability to boot or run programs from I2C memory, additional timers, a SRLatch and additional interrupts. PICAXE AXE014X2-40×2 Chip

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