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PICAXE AXE007M2 08M2+ Microcontroller
PICAXE Chips – PICAXE PICAXE-08M2/ AXE007M2, The PICAXE 08M2+ is part of a microcontroller system that uses low cost FLASH memory based microcontrollers with a unique, pre-programmed PICAXE bootstrap code. This gives a device that may be reprogrammed typically 100,000 times without the need for an expensive and complicated programmer. PICAXE is programmed using a simple BASIC language or via the Logicator flowcharting software. Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported by the free BASIC software which can be downloaded from www.picaxe.co.uk.Programming is carried out via a simple USB (13-0849) or serial (13-0847) cable. In addition to the microcontroller chips, starter, tutorial, and upgrade kits are available to provide a complete PICAXE solution. PICAXE AXE007M2 08M2+ Microcontroller

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