Pest Control Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Home Guard Electronic Cat Repellent Deterrent Pest & Animal Scarer Easy To Use & Safely Drive Away Every Rat Deer And Rabbit Fast Motion Trigger Detection 30 Foot

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Imagine your life is good and you’re spending time outside, may be relaxing in your garden or on your lawn sipping lemonade or a cold beer when all of a sudden your peace is interrupted by a pest buzzing around your ear or you see unwanted trespassers may be a dog, deer or cat. Don’t worry now you have “Pest Control Patrol Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Home Guard Electronic Repellent Deterrent” that can bring back the peace.

There are many products available in the market, but most seem to lack the power and range to repel a variety of animals and insects but not with Pest Control Patrol Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Home Guard that uses modern technology to keep the intruders and pest away from your desired area. It works efficiently on the selected zone driving animals away with a record breaking near-180 degrees sensor view. It has both USB and solar charging and can also recharge with minimal daylight.

So do not carry the guilt of harming any animal to save your area, explore it now.


The Humane Way to Keep Intruders AwayThe Humane Way to Keep Intruders Away

The Humane Way to Keep Intruders Away

This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is the safe and humane way to keep the pests and unwanted intruders away from the field. It works brilliantly with adjustable sensitivity and frequency unlike other repellents, that only activates on sound or light. It is specially designed with a record breaking near-180* sensor view that helps to trap the pests from any point of the ground or field. The best part is that it is durable and made of military grade plastic.

Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Easy Set Control Dials

Easy Set Control Dials

Works in all weather

Works in all weather

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Stylish Design

It comes with a stylish design that fits in any lawn, garden, fields or Landscape. With wider coverage and active sensors, it can be used for any pests and intruders.

Easy Set Control Dials

It has 7 sensitivity settings that are compatible for defending small garden and huge lawns and fields. Just choose one of the settings and control the size of the field.

Works in all weather

It is weather proof and waterproof as it is made with durable hardened polymers & Tank-Like design. It won’t crack, rust or melt and is safe against rodents and sharp teeth.

Motion Sensors

The motion sensors work actively within seconds of animal movements including dogs, cats, foxes, deer and rabbit etc. thereby scaring them away with bright LED.

Simple Operation and Easy Mechanism Simple Operation and Easy Mechanism

Simple Operation and Easy Mechanism

It includes 3AA NI-MH, 1.2V Solar Rechargeable batteries including scientifically proven 4X max effectiveness.

This solar power repeller sends the pest away using Three Oscillating Ultra-Sonic Frequencies.The brightest flashing LED, throws light on the pests and animals, making them run away, out of the field.The proven 4X instant flight technology does not kill but sends the intruders scurrying. Overall a no harm electronic pest controllerOffers Solar and USB charging option

Easy Set-Up and Satisfactory Output Easy Set-Up and Satisfactory Output

Easy Set-Up and Satisfactory Output

The repeller is very easy to set-up:

Simply take it out from the boxStick it in the groundYou can turn on the optional LED and the repeller is ready to work

It is fit to use in gardens, lawns, grasslands, fields, farms and outdoor areas for complete protection. It ensures safety by driving the pest away from the chosen area.

“LARGEST TRIGGER FIELD” MAKES FOR THE BEST DEFENSE – DON’T LET PESTS SNEAK BY: We tested every top sound deterrent and solar battery powered electronic pest repeller available before realizing THEY HAVE ONE MAJOR FLAW. Competing repellers only ‘trigger’ to activate sound & lights, when pests come straight at it – so we designed an ultrasonic cat & dog repellent with a RECORD BREAKING near-180* sensor view, so it ACTIVATES & drives pests away no matter where they try to sneak in!
BUILT LIKE A TANK with LAMBOURGHINI PERFORMANCE – WEATHERPROOF – WATERPROOF – AGGRESSIVE DOG PROOF: Won’t chip, crack, rust, or melt. Advanced hardened polymers & Tank-Like design defy virtually every weather tantrum you can toss at it – driving rain, months of solid ice, wind that blows your hat clean off your head and even razor sharp teeth are no match for this UPGRADED animal and rodent pest repeller for your garden.
FASTEST REPELLENT with SOLAR & USB CHARGING OPTION – WON’T HURT CATS, DOGS, WILD ANIMALS or ENVIRONMENT: Unlike animal away repellent spray, gross traps or obnoxiously loud aggressive dog horns this solar animal repeller GENTLY yet QUICKLY & EFFECTIVELY sends animals leaping away from your gardens most vulnerable places in seconds – using 3 ultrasonic frequencies & a flashing light (with 7 sensitivity control settings) that makes even the bravest bird fly away in fear, no netting required!
EASY – NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Remove it from the box, stick it in the ground where you need protection, turn on the optional LED – your new animal repeller goes on GUARD, deterring animals INSTANTLY. Customers say it’s the IDEAL balance of affordability and effectiveness for gardens, yards, patios, driveways, fields, grassland, verges, farms, and all outdoor areas. You’ll love how quickly you see pests bolt from your garden in just days

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