Mouse Traps,Electronic Mouse Trap,Rat Trap for 100% Instant & Humane Kill Rate,for Capturing Indoor and Outdoor Mice,Rats,Pests,Professional Electronic Trap Control Rodents (Batteries not included)

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1)Inappropriate use of this product may cause electrical shock, or serious injury.
2)Never use this product around small children, small household pets, life support devices, and combustible materials.
3)Never use this device on wet surface to avoid high voltage electric leakage.

What makes AWLGAK the best?
1.Works with the voltage rising theory,kills rodent with electricity,non-toxic,harmless.

2.Washable catching cage design,easy to purify the weird smell left by the dead body.

3.Equipped with a secure protective switch,prevent human from getting hurt accidentally.

4.Reliable high-tech microelectronic circuit system,low electricity consumption.

Directions for USE:
1)Step #1: Using a plastic or wooden knife, insert a small amount of peanut butter (or any food that rats prefer) through a bottom hole on the back plate.
2)Step #2: Insert 4”C” batteries into battery compartment or use the adapter DC-6V
3)Step #3: Identify location with rat activity look for worn trails or walkways. Place unit on floor against wall, the entrance in-line with the trail; rats prefer to travel against a wall.
4)Step#4:Press switch to “On” position (-).The green light will flash once,indicating that the unit has been enabled.To prevent accidental shock avoid contact with metal plates.
5)Step#5:The status light will flash indicating a rat has been exterminated and needs to be discarded.Silde the dead rat into a trash can and wash the trap to get rid of the smell for next catch.

✅Electronic Mouse Trap: Electronic Mouse Trap uses innovative technology to deliver a high-voltage shock, eliminating mice in seconds. This powerful device is capable of killing up to 100 mice per set of batteries (4 AA), making it a great value. It’s also easy to use! To use, simply place a high protein bait in the provided bait cup, place in a location with high rodent activity and power on.(Batteries not included)
✅Safety:These traps require no poison or chemicals and can be used anywhere inside your home or business to ensure years of effective mouse control.This unit widely applies in dining-room, cookroom, bedroom, office, hotel and any places that rats usually appear.
✅Easyto Clean: Easy to clean with disposable gloves, leaving no traces or unpleasant odors. Always remove the plug when cleaning to avoid electric shock.
✅Satisfaction Guarantee: Safe to buy mouse traps! If you have any questions about the mousetrap, please contact us in time, we will reply you within 24 hours, if you are not satisfied with our bait mouse trap, we can refund unconditionally.

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