IT Dusters CompuCleaner Xpert – Electric Air Duster Blower for PC, Laptop, Console, Electronics and Home Cleaning, Environmental Alternative to Spray air can Duster Keyboard Cleaner

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Hey, we’re IT Dusters, experts in computer and electronics cleaning. Your expensive tech needs cleaning right, explore our range to Keep I.T Clean

Our story

How we got our start?

IT Dusters started from a love of technology and a desire to keep it looking box fresh. We set out on a mission to develop a range of cleaning products which were specifically tailored for use on tech devices to keep our beloved systems and gadgets perfect.

What makes our product unique?

Our products are designed for a specific purpose and are stringently tested on both old and new devices to ensure complete safety and peace of mind. We use our products daily to maintain our own tech devices so we understand and know our products inside out.

Why we love what we do?

Technology and our personal devices now play such an important role in modern life, we like being the people that keep that tech running smoothly and looking pretty.

PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEANING: Easily blast away trapped dust and debris from PC’s, Laptops. Games Consoles, Tablets, and TV’s safely using a powerful jet of air. Cleaning with air allows effective non-contact cleaning to avoid damage to delicate components and access to impossible to reach areas deep inside the case.
ADJUSTABLE XPERT POWER: Use the two-way rocker switch to seamlessly switch between 2 power modes for ultimate control and finesse. Unleash a gale force jet of air in full speed mode or use half power mode to gently clean more delicate applications. With a never ending supply of air at your disposal, it’s easy to remove the most stubborn dust from hard to reach and delicate applications.
ERGONOMIC: The lightweight and robust design houses an industrial 550 watt (.0.9hp) motor that will never lose pressure and is built to last. Weighing in at just 950g, the CompuCleaner Xpert can be used at any angle unlike canned air making it super manoeuvrable.
COMPLETE KIT: Choose between 3 uniquely shaped, non-static nozzle attachments for precise air direction and control with a simple click. Use in combination with the 3 piece ESD brush set for thorough cleaning of even the most delicate parts. Neatly store the Xpert and accessories in the supplied premium microfiber draw string bag for total convenience.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reducing waste and maximising value for money was the key philosophy in developing CompuCleaner. By replacing the need for disposable air spray cans, the CompuCleaner Xpert saves you money and dramatically reduces waste and expenditure in the long run. Using a powerful yet energy efficient mains powered electric motor, allows the CompuCleaner to deliver sustainable high-performance cleaning which will last years… not seconds like canned air sprays!

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