HAL Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 2021 Upgraded Electronic Indoor Plug in Ultrasound Mouse Repellent for Insects, Mosquitoes, Mice, Ants, Roaches, Bed bug and Other Rodents – [White, 2 Packs]

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Power supply AC: 110~220V
Average power consumption: <1W
Ultrasonic frequency: 20~80KHz
Material: ABS high-quality fire-retardant material
Features: environmental protection, safety, no peculiar smell.

💗 Instructions for use
1. Plug the product into a 110~220V power socket, and the product starts to work
2. When the yellow indicator light is on and flashing, it means that the product is emitting “overlapped frequency” ultrasonic waves to drive away mice.
3. When the red indicator light is on, it means that the product is emitting a “sweep frequency” ultrasonic wave to drive away mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.

💗 Installation method
1. Installation height, according to the requirements of use, the repellent should be installed on the power socket on the wall 20-30 cm from the ground.To repel mosquitoes, it should be installed on the power socket on the wall about 80~100 cm from the ground, and the product should be vertical to the ground.
2. There can be no tall obstacles in front of the product to block.
3. The product should work uninterrupted for 24 hours to achieve the effect of repelling mice and mosquitoes!

💗 Matters needing attention
1. Please install the product indoors, do not use it in a high temperature and humid environment, and do not put the product in water or other liquids.
2. Be sure to inform children in advance that it is forbidden to touch and play when the product is powered on!
3. This product should be used continuously throughout the year without interruption. After a week of use of this product, mice and mosquitoes feel painful, irritable, and difficult to give up their old homes for a while, so they rush around and activities become frequent. The performance after being stimulated by sound waves is really normal.At this time, please rest assured to continue using it.After a period of continuous use, they will escape from the original place.

💗 【Safety & Environmental Friendly】 Our mosquito repellent is odorless, noiseless, and no radiation. Its sound can wave to drive pests and rats away. Thanks to made of high-quality ABS material, the ultrasonic rat repellent can last for a longer duration with a better effect.The pest reject is widely used in homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, basements.
💗 【Plug and Play】It is easy to use, just plug-in ultrasonic pest repeller to the regular power outlet, and then LED light is on. The repeated loops disturb the pest’s auditory nerve to effectively eliminate those rodents. To get the best result, please do not put any covering on the surface of this mice repellent indoor.
💗 【Wide Effective Coverage Area】 This ultrasonic insect repellent equipped dual microchip system and is suitable for the area of 80 to 120 square meters. Since ultrasound can not Penetrate through walls and solid objects, It is recommended to put one in one room. For areas where severe pests are severe, additional units are needed.
💗 【100% satisfaction guarantee】If you’re not completely satisfied with the ultrasonic pest rodent repeller you purchased, please contact us immediately for a refund.

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