GBHJJ Portable Fridge, Insulin Cooler, Mini Fridge Insulin Cooler 10 Hours Insulin Cooler 2~8℃, for Home, Travel, Camping (Built-In Battery)

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Thank you for choosing our portable cooler (commonly known as “drug and insulin refrigerator”). By using the most professional high-tech semiconductor cold and heat protection technology, the design is simple and generous, our products can provide high-quality, comfortable life for people who need medicine cooling during travel.

Insulin knowledge:

Unused insulin can be stored at 2-8°C for 2-3 years. Used insulin can be stored in a 25°C environment for 6 weeks.

technical details

Battery information: 10200mAh lithium ion battery
Battery life: 8-36 hours
External size: 225*103*95mm
Internal size: 200*90*40mm
Indoor temperature: 2-8 degrees Celsius (35.6-46.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
Rated power: 9W when external power supply 15W battery

Product List

1 x insulin cold box

1 x dedicated carrying case

1 x lithium battery

1 x car charger

1 xUSB cable

1 home adapter


1. If the external power supply is used for a long time, please remove the battery, overcharge and leak.

2. If the battery is idle for more than a week, please remove the battery to avoid overcharging.

3. Do not use the battery for a long time, please charge the battery every three months

❄[Lightweight and Portable]: Lightweight and portable, exquisite and beautiful compact body, LCD temperature display and touch digital display for precise temperature control, ensuring that you enjoy a stylish handheld high-quality medicine refrigerator.
❄[Efficient cooling]: The internal temperature of the insulin cooler, when the external temperature of the insulin cooler is lower than 25℃ (77°), keep it at 2-8℃ (35.6-46.4°). If the external temperature exceeds 25°C, the enclosure cannot be cooled below 8°C. U-shaped groove design, the drug contact area is increased by 50%, and the cooling is uniform.
❄[High-quality materials]: Environmental-friendly ABS material, cured by UV spray paint, non-toxic, odorless, easy to clean. The liner is made of electrolytic aluminum, which cools faster and resists corrosion and oxidation.
❄[Various power supply methods]: Whether it is in a car, on an airplane or on the road, you can use USB and the car adapter to charge the life of the grid. The cooling box can directly solve the problem of storing medicines on the aircraft, because there is no liquid on the back of the cooling box, and there are no restrictions on passengers.


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