FFLLAS Folding Ultrasonic Turbo Washing Machine,Portable Mini Cleaning Machine,Small Automatic Underwear Washer Machine for Travel Camping Dorms,Blue

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With features of portable folding lightweight and compact, the cleaning machine is suitable for lightweight close-clothes, underwear, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, chiffon shirts and other thin clothes! Imitating the hand shape to rub the wave wheel, energy saving and environmental protection, a must for lazy people.

✔Built-in clutch
✔Super refreshing bubbles
✔Turbine forward and reverse cleaning
✔Artificial intelligence interaction
✔Ultrasonic high frequency cavitation
✔Low noise,≤45dB
✔Intelligent interactive switching: After the pulsator works for 6 minutes, it exchanges for 2 minutes of ultrasonic work.
✔Anti-winding technology: the washing machine will start ultrasonic work after being wound up and down 4 times.
✔Forward and backward interaction: After the wave wheel rotates forward for 20 seconds, it is switched to reverse installation for 20 seconds.
✔Timed shutdown protection: The washing machine works for 40 minutes, and the shutdown program is automatically protected.

What You Will Get
◆Folding bucket*1
◆User Manual*1

❤[Ozone Sterilization 360 ° Health Care]Ozone is a gas-type disinfection process that can be covered by 360 °,and it can be touched in small areas.The sterilization rate is as high as 99.26% and small clothes can be passed to it with confidence.
❤[Low Noise & Turbine Forward and Backward Cleaning]Besides the feature of low noise(≤45dB), the clothes washer is switched to reverse working for 20 seconds after the wave wheel rotates forward for 20 seconds, cleaning of stains on clothes more effectively.
❤[Ultrasonic Working Principle]High-frequency vibration cavitation accelerates the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains to achieve the effect of cleaning and sterilization.
❤[Energy-saving & Safety]The laundry machine will automatically shut down after operation 40 minutes; Note: This equipment is suitable for T-shirts, shirts, dresses, under-garments, socks and not for large and heavy clothes such as jeans!

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