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Energenie ENER002-2PI Raspberry Pi-mote Mains Control Starter Pack…
Energenie Pi-mote Home Automation Kit for the Raspberry Pi – Energenie ENER002-2PI, The Energenie Raspberry Pi-mote is a wireless home automation system for your mains devices. This starter kit contains an add-on GPIO board for your Pi (B or B+) and two wireless mains sockets. Once activated, each socket can be switched on or off from up to 30m away using the Pi or manually using the button on the socket and can accomodate any mains appliance up to 3kW. A simple Python program is included to demonstrate how easy it is to take control of your appliances but you can use any programming language that can access the GPIO pins. You can use the Raspberry Pi stand alone or connected to the internet, a smartphone or tablet giving you the opportunity to create a system tailored to your exact needs. Each GPIO board can address four separate sockets and you can have more than one socket listening to each address. For example, you might have three table lamps in your lounge, with three remote sockets all listening to one address. You can turn them all on or off simultaneously and still have the capacity to drive 3 more sockets. Should you need to extend the wireless range you can solder a short piece of plain wire to the GPIO board to act as an aerial. We also supply the Pi-mote on its own (73-6014) and additional wireless sockets (73-6015). Energenie ENER002-2PI Raspberry Pi-mote Mains Control Starter Pack x Two Sockets

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