COLORWING Electronic Rat Trap that Kill Instantly with 7000V Electric Shock Mice Rat Killer for Indoor Outdoor, Humane Large Rodent Zapper Pest Control Trap with Anti-Escape Door to Release No Touch

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Product Description

electric Rodent Killer for Indoors & Outdoorselectric Rodent Killer for Indoors & Outdoors

Rodent Killer Indicator Notification

electric rat traps that kill instantly outdoorelectric rat traps that kill instantly outdoor

COLORWING Electric Rat Trap, Electronic Mouse Trap that kill Instantly for Indoors & Outdoors, Large Rat Zapper Cage catcher


Working mode: Kill the rats instantly with 7000V electric shock

Output Voltage: 6V/1A

Static Working Current: ≦100uA

Working current: 1000mA

Extra Large Size: 27.5 * 11.7 * 14 cm (11 * 5.5 * 4.7 Inch)

Weight: 2.3 Pounds (1043g)

Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC.

Application for: Rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents.

Humane Large Rodent Mice KillerHumane Large Rodent Mice Killer

The Specific Working Principle of the LED Extension Cord of the Large Rodent Killer

Flashing blue every three seconds before catching the mouse.When the high voltage is released, that is, when the mouse is shocked at this time, the blue light is always on, about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.After the electric shock is completed, it resumes to light up the blue light every three seconds.

Upgraded Version of COLORWING Electric Rat Traps

Large UK Mice Rodent Killer

Large UK Mice Rodent Killer

Large UK Mice Rodent Killer

Large UK Mice Rodent Killer

Large Rat Zapper Cage catcher

Large Rat Zapper Cage catcher

Transprent anti-escape door

The new version of the electronic rodent killer adds a transparent anti-escape door, which can effectively catch mice alive and release them when the power is not on.

A set of moveable frame

When a mouse enters the electronic rodent killer and touches the pedal, the transparent door will be closed to trap the mouse.

Package Includes:

Electric rat trap x 1

AC adapter x 1

LED Indicator Light Cord x1

Garbage Bags x 4

Disposable Gloves x 8

User Manual x1

Easy to Set Up and Disassemble

Electronic Mouse Trap That Kill InstantlyElectronic Mouse Trap That Kill Instantly

Advantages of Electric Rodent Traps

1. The upgraded electronic rodent killer has a capture alive function.

2. No poiso and no blood, only peanut butter to fix the trap.

3. There are two options for 4D dry batteries and adapter.

At the same time, the adapter is preferred when powering, and the battery power supply can be automatically disconnected to avoid power supply conflicts.

4. Protection switch design, only after the combination is energized.

5. Low static power consumption.

6. Detachable and resuable.

7. Easy to clean, safe and hygienic, it can be handled without touching animal carcasses.

8. Intelligent circuit technology detects an electric shock caused by rodent control.

Best for Indoors and Outdoors Applications

Electronic Mouse TrapElectronic Mouse Trap

Question and Answer

Q1: Can the electronic rodent killer not be used outdoors?

A1: If you use battery power supply, it can be used outdoors. It is also written in the manual, but it is not suitable for places with water, rain or condensation.

Q2: Why did the mouse not die after eating the bait?

A2: The high voltage generated by the product requires the mouse to touch two pieces of metal at the same time. If it is a relatively short animal, or if the front foot is stepped on but the back foot is not stepped on, the high pressure will not be generated.

Q3: Can the mouse trap be washed directly with water?

A3: After the upper cover is removed, the bottom can be washed with water. After wiping off the water, it can be used again.

[Extra Large Size & Reusable] COLORWING electronic rat trap is 11×5.5×4.7 Inches, so this rat zapper is large enough to eliminate all kinds of rodents. Easy to clean and reusable without touching and seeing the mice carcass.
[LED indicator Cord & 2 Power Modes] Electric rat trap has 2 choice of power: AC adapter and 4D batteries (not included), it’s convenient for indoors and outdoors use. With LED indicator light, can be used in any narrow and hard to reach places.
[Easy to Set and Use] 6 easy steps to use this electronic rat trap: 1. Place bait; 2. Assemble the rat trap; 3. Place and open the anti-escape door; 4. Plug in and turn on the switch; 5. Rat traps that kill the rats instantly with 7000V shock; 6. Dump the rodent into the trash (no-touch, no-see disposal).
[Full of Set & Reliable] Electric rat trap x 1, Garbage Bags x 4, Disposable Gloves x 8, User Manual x1, LED Indicator Light Cord x1. No poison, No toxio, No chemicals is needed, applicable to any indoor places.

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