The average woman spends upwards of £25,000 on makeup in her lifetime. And that’s just cosmetics. Throw in hair and skin care products, along with other everyday health and beauty items, and we’re talking about some serious dough. Of course, men aren’t immune to these costs. Shaving supplies, skin care items, bath products and other basic toiletries all cost money. Which is why we’ve put together all the health and beauty product deals together in one place. You can look good and still save money.

When it comes to buying personal care and beauty products, spring is the time to buy. April, specifically, often sees the best deals on makeup, skincare and other beauty products, so it’s a great time to stock up on things you know you’ll use eventually. Just keep in mind that makeup can go bad, especially once you open and use it (though unopened products can last up to five years.) Of course, you’ll probably need to buy everyday toiletries more than once a year, so be sure you get familiar with the best ways to save at your favourite retailer. Look out for loyalty programs, discounts when you sign up for mailing lists and even store credit cards that could save you lots of cash in the long run.

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