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Cactus Back Scratcher
Cactus Back Scratcher – Baloo’s Favourite Back ScratcherWe’ve all been there, desperately stretching and struggling, rubbing against a door frame, or searching out someone who will dig in their nails and satisfy your itch. It can be unbearable, we know, so we have a prickly solution to this long-time struggle, with the Cactus Back Scratcher!The next time you feel that hard to reach itch start to tickle, grab the ingenious Cactus Back Scratcher and hold it behind your back using the nifty straps. Simply run the spiky device backwards and forwards, using the round grips at the end to reach every corner of your back, and voilà, blissful relief! With durable aggressive spikes on one side and a softer, yet equally itch busting spiked side on the other, this also makes the perfect exfoliator as part of your beauty regime. It’s a game-changing gift for your tiresome loved one who’s always after you to just scratch that itch one more time.Product Details:Pack Size (Length, Width):L30, W18 cms (L11.75, W7 inches) approx.Materials:Plastic.Extra Information:Two different levels of spikes.Ex-foliate for healthier skin.

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