Audew Mini Fridge 10L, -9 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Cooler & Warmer Small Fridge, Mini Thermoelectric Portable DC/AC Fridge – with LCD Temperature Adjustment Touch Screen for Car and Home

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Audew Mini Fridge with Smart Thermostat for Home / Car

Summer is coming, you need to buy a Small Car / Home Fridge for your family! The little Audew frgo can meet your needs. What is the reason for choosing Audew Smart Temperature Control Mini Fridge?

Cold and Hot: In summer, you can refrigerate drinks, fruits, vegetables, skin care products, etc. In winter, you can keep food warm and enjoy hot food in the morning.A capacity of 10L: It can hold 12 cans of 330ML or 6 cans of 600ML. (Please pay attention to whether the internal size meets your needs before purchasing)Digital Touch Screen: Adjust the temperature you need (-9 ℃ – 65 ℃); The temperature can be adjusted without opening the refrigerator door, which is more energy and time saving.Two Demountable Partitions: There are 2 removable partitions inside, which can be adjusted according to your preferences.AC / DC: Two types of plugs can be used for the home (210-240V) and 12V for the car.

Certificate: The semiconductor cooling chip is freon free. Audew mini fridge has passed CE / ETL / PSE certification.


How to adjust the temperature?

Click on the ON / OFF button to turn on the fridge. The current temperature is shown on the display.Click the settings button to adjust the temperature. Use the up and down buttons to set the desired temperature.After the screen flashes 4 times, the screen jumps again to display the current temperature, indicating that the setting is successful.The indicator lights up in red or green accordingly.Press and hold the ON / OFF button for 2 seconds to turn off the refrigerator.

If you hold down, you can quickly adjust the temperature. It is only when the screen flashes 4 times that it succeeds!

Reference temperature: Salad 5 ℃, Juice 8 ℃, Cosmetics 10 ℃, Hot milk 60 ℃, Bread 25 ℃, Insulin 2-4 ℃


Home & Car: AC / DC

It is equipped with a home charging cable and a car charging cable, which can be used at home or connected to the car.


Hot and Cold Mini Fridge

Quick Heating / Cooling: Heating mode: It can reach 65 ℃ in 2 hours. Cooling mode: it can drop about 26 ~ 28 degree in 1 hour. (The ambient temperature and the number of items inside will affect the cooling rate)


40DB Quiet Sleep

The small fridge will not make a lot of noise or disturb your family and pets to sleep.


Intimate Anti-collision Design

The smooth edges of the fridge will not harm your skin, so it can still take care of you and your family.







Use in Multiple Scenarios

Party / family / camping / long-distance transport

Mini Fridge Settings


12V AC: 210V-240V

Operating Mode:

Semi-Conductive (More energy saving and longer life than compressor refrigerator)

Temperature Range:

-9 ℃ -65 ℃

Temperature Difference:

28 ℃

Noise Level

40 dB (Low Noise)

AC cord length: 170cm; DC:

192 cm


Acrylic mirror + ABS


English Manual * 1 Power Adapter * 1 DC Adapter * 1

Energy consumption:

Low consumption (14.9kWh / year) [Energy class A ++]

Internal Dimensions:

17CM x 18.5CM x 28CM (LxWxH)

External Dimensions:

28.5 x 33 x 23.5CM (LxWxH)

Energy Efficiency:

A ++


Black and White

【-9~65°C: Cooler and Heater】- The upgraded Audew2020 mini fridge can reach the nominal temperature within one hour (±28 degrees higher than room temperature). In summer, it can be used to cool drinks, fruits, cosmetics, etc. If the room temperature is lower than 20 degrees, the refrigerator can even reach a minimum of -9°C. In winter, the storage temperature of food, milk and coffee can reach up to 65°C.
【Whether at Home or on the Go】- AC (210-240V) and DC (12V) power types can be used. The mini refrigerator can be used not only in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, but also for travel, picnics and long-distance trips. The large capacity of 10 liters is the best choice for preserving beverages, baby food and cosmetics.
【LCD Touch Screen for Temperature Control】- Easy to use: 1. Press the ON/OFF button to start the mini fridge. 2. Touch the adjustment button to adjust the temperature: -9 to 65°C. 3. After the screen flashes four times, it indicates that the setting is successful. 4. Gently touch any button, the screen can display the internal temperature of the refrigerator. The green indicator light indicates that it is cooling, and the red indicator light indicates that it is heating.
【Low Noise】- When the ambient temperature is 32 dB: the noise level at a distance of 100 cm from the mini refrigerator is about 40 dB. Noise below 40 dB will not affect your work or rest. Tip: If dust penetrates into the small fridge and sticks to the refrigerator, the noise will become louder. We recommend using a hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust regularly.
【Environmental Protection and Certification】- The semiconductor cooling chip is freon-free and environmentally friendly. Audew small fridge has passed CE / ETL / ROHS / PSE certification. 2-year warranty-if you are not satisfied with the product quality, please contact us immediately.


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