Artfone Big Button Mobile Phone for Elderly Unlocked Senior Sim Free with SOS Emergency Button1400mAh Battery

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artfone concept :anyone can afford electronics like art .

Big Button mobile phone feature :

Equipped with LED flashlight to illuminatethe night, practical and one-button opening, easy to use for old age parents .MP3 music player High quality audio analysis for a music SPA after ending your busy life ,Listening to a song to relieve your mood .Perfect power management system ,fully true1400 mAh to avoid often charging .Ultra low radiation, healthy mobile phoneStrong vibrating motor ,one key opening toavoid missing any calling .Choose the best for your family and cherish people .

Big Button Mobile Phone for Elderly

big button mobile phone

big button mobile phone

mobile phone for elderly

mobile phone for elderly

big button mobile phone

big button mobile phone

Red and Green Big Button

There is red and green big button on keypad for elderly easy to use .Green button:answer / make a callRed button :End a call / power on /off

Big button with big numbers on keypad

Numeric 0 button or long pressing to switch to meeting mode .Long press”1″ for camera ,take photo for for memory “Up”to messages shortcut ,”down”to multimedia shortcutpress side button + – to adjust the volume .

Led flashlight

Flashlight led .Make sure keypad is unlocked ,then press side red button for 2.5 seconds .3.5 mm audio jack (iphone style) .Micro USB socket .

big button mobile phonebig button mobile phone

Tough design and side button for elderly easy using

This feature mobile phone have tough design and side button .The tough design play a certain buffer when dropping ,reduce damage to the phone The side button is to lock or unlock .

big button mobile phone for elderlybig button mobile phone for elderly

SOS button on back

When any emergency case happen just long press SOS button ,the phone will have big sound ring and automatically call for setted SOS people .It is very convience for elderly .

It is very important ,you can set no more than 5 telephone numbers here ,when user press SOS button ,the simple phone will dial the numbers settled one by one automaticlly

How to use SOS function ?

Go into SOS settings :

1 Status :set off / normal mode / special mode here

2 SOS SMS : you can edit SMS

3 SOS SMS ON/OFF :you can turn on or off SOS message .

4 Warning tone status :you can turn on it or off .

feature mobile phonefeature mobile phone

Simple mobile phone for elderly easy to use

A good mobile phone for the elderly not only needs to have a good-looking appearance, but more importantly, it is convenient for the elderly to operate and use. The design of this elderly phone is aimed at the elderly’s poor vision or hearing loss with large fonts and high volume.At the same time,it owns camera and musica making the elderly life rich and colorful..

Common questions for the senior mobile phone

1 How to open phone back panel and indert SIM card ?

Support nano and micro card ,but big SIM card is preferred .

2 Does this simple mobile phone work on 3G network ?

No ,it is 2G GSM phone ,QUAVD bands :850/900/1800/1900

3 Is the phonoe unlocked ?

Yes ,all artfone mobile phones are unclocked and work well on 2G GSM network around the world .

4 Can i buy a battery for this phone in market ? what spec ?

Yes ,it is BP-4l standard ,very popular in the market .But suggestion use our artfone battery in our store .

5 Does the phone packageing has earphone ?

No ,but this phone has 3.5mm audio jack., you can buy one earphone in the market easily .

6 How to change ringtone / message tone / volume ,etc ?

A , settings B , Profiles , C, General , D Customize .

7 How to use camera ?

Press down button to Multimedia and open the camera .

Take photos by pressing “1” button

The product contains :

1 Phone

1 1400mAh Battery

1 Charger USB Cable

1 User manual

📱Big Button Mobile Phone and 1.7 inch Screen – This type of elderly phone have slim body and light ,it is very light when you have big button mobile phone on hand .1.7 inch high-resolution QVGA (240×320) large screen ,big font and big button pad .Even no glasses wearing for elderly ,the font is also clearly and easy to read .
📱Red and green soft key and Side button – This senior mobile phone have green and red button for elderly easy to answer ,end a call or power off .There is side button to turn on/off flashlight and adjust volume .It is very convenience for elderly operate . The side button can be use with lock and unlock .
📱SOS number setting and Support camera – The feature mobile phone can be set no more than 5 telephone numbers. for emergency contact .It is necessary for a qualify senior cell phone .Press SOS number will have big sound ring for help and directly dial the set numbers one by one automatically .Big volume and support hand free when call out .Easy to use .Best gift for elderly and your family . 0.3MP camera ,leave the best memory in the phone for everyday life .
📱Strong Led Light , actual 1400 mAh capacity and Strong vibration speakers -The senior mobile phone equipped with LED strong light flashlight, as light as ordinary household flashlights, It is easy to use for old parents and make children at easy .At the same time just press side button for emergency lighting. Safe battery, explosive power, excellent power management system and real power of 1400 mAh, farewell to the trouble of frequent charging. Amazing standby for up to 7 days for feature cel
📱Supports 8 Languages and multi function – 8 Languages English, Deutsch, French, Italiano, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Czech .Multi function such as SOS, Audio, Video, Bluetooth, FM audio, Calculator and Alarm clock Function . It is a simple phone that is suitable for the young and aged people .


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