Airmall Electronic Rat Trap That Kill Instantly Humane Reusable Electric Mouse Trap for Indoors & Outdoors, High Voltage Electric Shock Rat Killer – Large Rodent Killer, Upgraded Version

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Product Description

electronic rat tap that kill Instantlyelectronic rat tap that kill Instantly

Airmall Electric Rat Trap That Kill Instantly for Indoors & Oudoors, Humane Electronic Mouse Trap (Upgraded Version)

Effective tool to solve rat problems – Airmall Electronic Rat Killer

Put this electronic rodent killer in any place occupied by rats, such as kitchens, warehouses, supermarkets, and let it work!

rat traps that kill instantly electric outdoorrat traps that kill instantly electric outdoor

Package Includes:

Electronic rat trap x 1LED Indicator Light Cord x1Disposable Gloves x 8Garbage Bags x 4User Manual x1

Product Information:

Size: Length 27.5cm, Width 11.7cm, Height 14cmOutput Voltage: 6V/1AStatic Working Current: ≦100uAWorking current: 1000mA


Because the product releases current when it is working, please keep pets and children away from it.

It is recommended to wash with detergent or hot water to eliminate the smell of dead mice.

mouse killer electronic

mouse killer electronic

humane electric rat traps for outdoors

humane electric rat traps for outdoors

electronic mouse killer

electronic mouse killer

mice traps that kill instantly

mice traps that kill instantly

New anti-escape door design

When the rat touches the V-shaped pedal, the transparent door will be closed immediately, trapping the rat inside.

Two benefits of this feature:

1. Prevent mouse from escaping

2. Use humane mouse trap to catch and release mouse alive.

Removable upper and lower cover

You can remove the rodent trap by sliding the upper cover in parallel, which is convenient for you to clean the trap better.

For your safety, please make sure that the power is OFF before disassembling.

The upper cover cannot be cleaned because of the PCB, only the lower cover can be washed.

No touch cleaning

After the Airmall electronic rat trap completes a kill, a bibi sound will be issued to remind you to clean up the rat.

You only need to open the anti-escape door and tilt the mouse trap to dump the mouse’s body into the trash can without touching it .

LED indicator extension cord

When you need to catch mice in a hidden corner, the LED indicator extension cord of Airmall electronic mouse killer can help you know the working process of the trap.

When a mouse is caught, the LED indicator will flash blue.

mouse trap electric shockmouse trap electric shock

Installation steps

Step1: Align the upper cover with the slot of the lower cover and insert it.

Step2: Push the upper cover firmly in the direction of the anti-escape door.

Step3: When the edges of the top and bottom lids are not misaligned, the cage is assembled and ready for use

electric rat killer that kill instantlyelectric rat killer that kill instantly

Common Questions:

1.Why doesn’t the LED indicator flash when the extension cord is plugged in?

The LED indicator extension cord will flash blue only after it catches a mouse and the buzzer alarms, and will not flash the rest of the time.

2.Why did the mouse not die after eating the bait?

Only when the mouse touches two metal plates at the same time, the trap will release the current. The mouse did not die mostly because it only touched one of the metal plates.

electric mice killer mouse killerelectric mice killer mouse killer

3.The electronic mouse killer flashed a green light and the buzzer alarmed, but it didn’t catch the mice.

The possible reasons are:

There are other small creatures, such as bugs entering the trap.The mouse cage is energized due to the humid environment or water on the ground.A metal object falls into the trap and energizes the trap.

4. Why does the LED light not flash when I turn on the power? The mouse trap did not work normally even if it was replaced with a battery.

Please check whether the lid of the mouse trap is tightly closed.When the lid of the trap is not installed in place or is not tightly closed, the mouse trap will not work.In addition, please check whether the power supply is energized and whether the battery is dead.

Capture Alive Function-When the power supply/battery is not switched on, the transparent door will be closed after the rat enters the mousetrap. It can also effectively prevent mouse from escaping.
Easy to use-1.Place the electronic rat killer in the area where the rats are active 2.Put the bait into the bait compartment(recommended: peanut butter, nuts, chocolate sauce and other foods with strong flavor) 3.Plug in AC adapter or use 4D batteries(not included) and turn on the switch, wait for the mouse to be eliminated, and the green light will flash with “bibi” sound after successful capture.
East to clean- The electronic rodent trap is easy to clean. Turn off the power and tilt the trap to make the body slide into dustbin without touching the dead rodents. Please remove the lower cover for cleaning. The upper cover CANNOT be washed because of the PCB.
Safe & Reusable – This electronic mouse killer is safe for indoor and outdoor applications, which passed CE, FCC and ROHS certifications. If there is any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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